All Purpose, LLC

In today’s DME supply market, Equipment providers are faced with rising distribution costs, and asset acquisition costs while experiencing unprecedented reimbursement cuts. Our extensive experience and DME management has given us first-hand knowledge of the importance of asset management in a difficult industry. All Purpose, LLC was started to eliminate this struggle for our customers. All Purpose has established the lowest repair rates in the industry, and can develop customized repair rates and turnaround times for your situation. Our low cost and our ability to customize solutions for our customers was established to help you keep your assets in service rather than retiring them to a landfill. All Purpose wants to alleviate asset management from your duties so you can focus on achieving your goals. All Purpose employs factory trained and certified technicians. We research and employ the most current factory training in addition to applicable industry standards to ensure your assets receive the most qualified service available.


Concentrator/ Oxygen Repair Services
Welch Allyn Spot Vitals
Medical Equipment repair
CPAP Repair


As the CEO of All Purpose LLC, Ademar sets the tone and strategic direction of the company.  upholding the high standards for quality in repair and customer service upon which the company was built.  Ademar is dedicated to developing innovative partnerships and programs while setting the strategic direction for the company as it navigates the complex medical marketplace.  Ademar is a leader with passion for helping his team achieve both personal and professional success.

Ademar spent 15-plus- year career in the healthcare industry before becoming an owner of All Purpose LLC.  From 2008-2014 Ademar was Asset Manager for Invacare, which is one of the leading Medical Device manufacturers in the country. Overseeing 40 plus locations across the country he has seen his fair share of struggles in Asset management.

Outside of his work, Ademar can usually be found spending time with his wife and daughters, or among family grilling and playing cards.

Ademar Mendes

All Purpose, LLC CEO


As COO of All Purpose LLC, Evandro provides the leadership, management and vision necessary to ensure that the company has proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Evandro oversees the entire repair, delivery and logistics side of All Purpose LLC. He spent 10 plus-years as Senior Technician at Invacare/ Roadrunner Mobility prior to becoming an owner of All Purpose LLC.

Outside of his work, Evandro can be found spending time with his wife and sons, or among the Car enthusiast. He’s continually fascinated by how many horse power he can put in his car.

Evandro Fernandes

All Purpose, LLC COO



Take comfort knowing your work is being performed by a team of industry leaders with over 15 years of professional experience!


We take pride in the fact that we have earned the trust of our valued customers through our commitment to timely, reliable service.

Quick Turnaround

Our focus is on fast and accurate repairs in order to complete your repair in the shortest time possible.


Our prices are always fair in order to make sure you receive the absolute best value for our professional services.


Because we recognize that at the end of the day none of the other qualities matter if your job isn’t done correctly.  We pride ourselves on making sure attention to detail is always adhered to.


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